The Legend Of Taal Volcano

The Legend Of Taal Volcano

Various attractions and scenic views found in the Philippines carry with them a unique wonder shrouded in mystery. The beauty of each gem is rooted in legends. These stories are passed down from generations. The tale of how they came to existence is another appeal that they carry.  You would often hear stories of Bathalas, magical beasts, and creatures.

Taal Volcano is one of the most famous tourist spots in Southern Luzon. It is a sight to behold with its unique form and great scenery. Everything about Taal Volcano will captivate and offer you with a feast of nature’s best. The exciting venture in the island will give you a great experience. You will also be able to have a thrilling boat ride in Taal Lake. You will reach the crater and trek towards the rim of the basin. You will be greeted by the sight of azure water of the Crater Lake. Most of all, you’ll enjoy the vibrant greens and the natural rock formations.

Taal Volcano’s appeal is otherworldly. It has an ethereal aura. It embodies nature’s true form and beauty with its attraction. Taal Volcano’s famed beauty is believed to come from an old saga. It tells the story of a wise old man and the town of people he tried to guide.

Tale of Lakan Taal

The town of Tagaytay was peaceful even back then. It has a cold climate and the wind is silent as it passes. There are large trees around. There are also lots of shrubs and fruit-bearing trees. There is contentment as the folks live among nature and the animals in the forest. The town was guided and lead by a wise old man called Lakan Taal.

The villagers highly respect and adore their leader because of his wisdom and fairness. Under the guidance of Lakan Taal, the town thrived. They continued to live in peace. Because of their trust and faith in Lakan Taal, everything was smooth and orderly. They have a growing industry. The townspeople managed to harvest crops including coffee and fruits such as avocado.

One day, Lakan Taal gathered his most trusted followers and brought them into an unfamiliar area of the forest. He told them that from that day going forward, no one should climb the top of the mountain. The mountain that the old man pointed at looked abundant in natural resources but due to their faith in Lakan Taal, they respected his decision and swore that they will never go against his command. They passed Lakan Taal’s orders to the townspeople and as expected, they followed faithfully.

With Lakan Taal as the head of the town, the village, and its residents were living in satisfaction until their leader seemingly disappeared in thin air. The townspeople searched everywhere for the old man but never found a trace. Years passed without any news and trace of Lakan Taal ever coming back. Their town kept its prosperity, but the residents still look forward to the return of the wise old man. Until one day, a villager suggested that they search for Lakan Taal at the peak of the mountain, which they were forbidden to climb. The town was eager and willing – they were also anticipating the sight that will greet them upon reaching the summit.

Climbing the top of the mountain, they found a hole that was filled with precious minerals and stones, including rubies, pearls, and diamonds. Blinded by greed, the people started fighting over the stones. Suddenly, they heard the familiar voice of Lakan Taal. He commanded them to stop and told them that he knew it would be the inevitable outcome. Furious with the action of the townspeople, the wise old man wished Bathala that he bring great calamity to the village.

Barely finishing, the skies turned dark and strong thunder and lightning swept the heaven. A violent earthquake occurred and soon the mountain spewed out fire from the hole. It killed the villagers. Within a few moments, water engulfed the area around the mountain, and the precious stones were submerged in the deepest parts of the lake. The mountain was then called Taal in the memory of the town’s wise leader.