Backpacker Areas near Taal Volcano

Backpacker Areas near Taal Volcano

There are ways to enjoy an adventure. One of the ways make sure that you’re experiencing everything that it has to offer is to keep your expenses minimal. Explore the town and nearby provinces and have a go at the activities that you can try. Extend your stay in Taal Volcano and rent a cheap room for a night or two. With lots of cheap lodgings near Taal Volcano, you can stay as long as you want.

Hotels and resorts can bring you comfort in an unfamiliar place. But if you are on a budget and do not mind modest rooms, you can opt for cheap inns.

If you want, you can just set camp for the night. There are backpacker areas near Taal Volcano where you would get to enjoy camping.

There are lots of tourists who look forward to visit Taal Volcano. You can take your pick from low budget accommodations where you can rent standard rooms. Learn about camping grounds and open areas where you can set up your tents. Enjoy being one with nature and keep to your budget. Here’s a list of hotels and lodgings that you can surely afford.

Backpacker Areas


Contact Information

Phone Number: (043) 773 0247
Mobile Number: 0917 810 9192 / 0918 900 4870
Address: Brgy. Sta. Maria, Talisay, Batangas
Rates: ₱1,500 – ₱5,000

Talisay Green Lake Resort is one of the closest resorts near Taal Volcano. You can rent different types of rooms in varying rates. If you’re with your family, there are also rooms you can rent. There are also rooms reserved for couples. If you want, you can rent a dormitory type of rooms and even a villa. Rates for each room are inclusive of the entrance fee, free use of the pool and private cabana.


Contact Information

Phone Number: (043) 773 0271
Address: Talisay, Batangas
Rates: ₱1,700 – ₱7,000

You can choose from three types of rooms in San Roque Beach Resort. There’s a standard room, a deluxe room, and a villa. You can rent each one at different prices. Rates range from ₱1,700 to ₱7,000. The villa is the most expensive one.

The resort is an ideal location. You would be able to enjoy a lot of activities including hiking, boating, and horseback riding. You can try their tours or visit their garden.


Contact Information

Phone Number: (046) 413 6245
Address: Tagaytay, Cavite
Rates: ₱1,700 – ₱7,000

Kakao Travellers Inn can be reached from the Talisay Public Market easily. It is just 9 kilometers away. The lodging offers four different types of rooms: a standard room, deluxe, family, and a suite. Each room can accommodate several numbers of people ranging from three to thirteen.


Contact Information

Phone Number: (043) 773 0192
Address: Barrio Sta. Maria, Talisay, Batangas
Rates: ₱100 – ₱400

Taal Lake Yacht Club offers a private tour and activities for visitors of Taal Lake. If you avail any of their packages, they can reserve you a room in hotels or nearby lodgings.

But one of the main attractions that they offer is the camping ground where you can stay at a very affordable price. Their rate starts from ₱100 for the use of the campsite. You can also rent a 4-man tent for an overnight stay at their camping grounds for only ₱400 per night and an open cabana for the same price per day. The entrance fee for Taal Lake Yacht Club is also ₱100.

There are also other inns and lodgings available around the area. You can take a restful sleep in these cheap lodgings and make sure that you do not exceed your budget.