What to Take When Going to Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano has a unique form and a great appeal. Its beauty enchants visitors to go to the tourist spot. Visitors from all over the world want to travel to the destination. Discover what Taal Volcano has to offer. Try the thrill of the boat ride. Trek until you reach the rim of the crater. Enjoy the scenic view of the island.

It is one of the most popular attractions in Luzon. It is listed in almost every traveler’s list of must-visits. It will treat you to the scenic view of the caldera and the crater lake. It will also let you see nature’s best form. Look at the azure water of the lake, the vibrant greens and the volcanic activity on the island.

Before you visit Taal Volcano, make sure that you have everything that you need. Bring the needed gears and wear the right clothes. Make sure that you will fully enjoy the adventure.


Wearing the right clothes is important. Taal Volcano has a high temperature. It also has a dusty path. You can get uncomfortable visiting the tourist spot.

  • Wear light clothes that are fit for a warm environment.
  • Wear long sleeves to protect the skin. The sun can damage your skin if exposed long enough.
  • Bring hats to protect the face.
  • You can bring glasses to protect your eyes.
  • The face mask is not required. But you are advised to bring one since the route that you’ll be taking to reach the rim of the volcano island can get quite dusty.
  • Wear shoes that are fit for treks and long walks.


  1. Bring an extra set of clothes. You can change into it if you get drenched in sweat.
  2. Bring sunscreen and remember to generously apply it.
  3. You can also bring an umbrella.


We advise that you bring few belongings. The trek is an easy one. But bringing a lot of things that you don’t need can be burdensome. If you’re bringing cameras, ensure that they are protected and properly sealed. The boat ride towards the volcano island can get quite bumpy depending on the weather and the condition of the lake. There are possibilities of your person and your equipment to get wet.


  1. Remember to take proper care of any belonging and gears that you’re bringing with you. Any loss or damage is not within the responsibilities of tour operators.
  2. Bring only the necessary equipment.


There’s an abundance of restaurants and diners around Taal Volcano. They offer delicacies and fulfilling meals that will definitely complete your visit to the attraction. Many tour packages already include satisfying meals for lunch in restaurants near the tourist destination. You can bring snacks to munch on while resting or taking the view in. It is advised to take your lunch in restaurants and eateries around Taal Volcano to fully enjoy your meal while being treated to a scenic view of Taal Volcano.


  1. Bring lots of water. There are local merchants selling beverages at Volcano Island but if you want to stay within your budget, we recommend that you bring your own bottle of water.
  2. Bring garbage bags to put your trash in.
  3. Do not leave any trash around the area.
  4. To fully enjoy your visit of Taal Volcano, have some lunch or try one of the restaurants nearby.