Tips Before you Go to Taal Volcano

Before you go in one of the greatest adventures of your life, you should be equipped with knowledge. Bring the things that you will need. Be prepared for any emergency situations. It is important to plan your trip accordingly. Get ready for the ultimate trip. You will absolutely enjoy the experience and the view of Taal Volcano.

Taal Volcano will surely treat you to a feast of nature’s beauty. Enjoy the scenic view of the blue lake and natural rock formations. You can also see Mt. Maculot from Taal Volcano. Discover more of what the tourist spot can offer. There are three trails that you can choose from to reach the rim of the crater island. Each one will offer you a unique experience and scenic views. It doesn’t require much effort to reach the viewing platform. You will just have to trek to reach the top. From here, you can take in the panoramic view of the tourist spot. If you want to fully enjoy visiting Taal Volcano, here are some tips that you can benefit from.


  1. Bring sunscreen. All of the trails that you can take to reach Taal Crater require trekking and being exposed to the sun. Since Taal Volcano is an active one, the temperature can get really hot. Tourists even experience scorching heat when they climb the crater from noon until afternoon. You should apply sunscreen frequently and generously.
  2. Bring a mask. This is applicable if you’re taking the Spanish Trail. The path can get really dusty and you might have a hard time breathing. You can always choose to go without it but to avoid any complication or issue – it is advised that you take one with you.
  3. Wear the proper attire. For an easy and enjoyable trek, wear the proper attire. Choose light clothes and the suitable footwear. You can bring arm sleeves or wear long sleeves because the temperature can get really high. It is also advised that you wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the damage of sun exposure.
  4. A change of clothes. Aside from the strenuous activity of climbing through the crater, there’s a chance that you will get wet on the boat ride.
  5. Visit during the weekdays. It is recommended that you visit the tourist destination during weekdays. This is because you can fully enjoy the place with only a few visitors around. During weekends, there are larger quantities of travelers which can spoil your experience.
  6. Be updated. There are instances where Taal Volcano is closed off from the public. If you want to avoid any inconvenience, it is important that you get updated with the latest news and changes in rates and fees. You can do this by acquiring the necessary contact information of offices, tour operations, local government, and agencies.
  7. Do some research. This tip is important not only because it will educate you with the necessary knowledge that you need but because it can do wonders for your experience. For example, the Calauit trail is an unknown path that you can take to visit the Crater Lake and witness the volcanic activity around the area. You wouldn’t be able to experience this with the Spanish and the Kenney Trail.
  8. Food and Water. It is advised that you take plenty of water with you. The heat and the trek can take its toll on your body. If you don’t want the extra baggage, there are locals that sell drinks at each stop. But if you want to keep to your budget, it is better to take your own water. You can also bring snacks as long as you guarantee that you’ll not be leaving any trash around. It is better if you take your breakfast, dinner or lunch on eateries, diners and restaurants around the area.

Be advised that you can climb to the crater without any tour guide. The Spanish Trail is prominent and you can easily follow the path. The Kenney Trail and Calauit Trail might require tour guides if you’re unfamiliar with the place.