News about Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is one of the most famous tourist spots in Luzon. It has gained lots of attention from the media. Visitors are enchanted with its great beauty. It is the second most active volcano in the Philippines. You will surely marvel at its appeal. It has a unique form that will give you a great experience. You can have an adventure with the boat ride. While you trek towards the top, you can take in the scenic views. Its danger is also a factor that will lure you in. It’s labeled as a Decade Volcano. There are a total of sixteen volcanoes that are called as Decade Volcanoes. They are the ones that have caused some of the most dangerous eruptions in world history.

Taal Volcano has a great beauty that attracts visitors from all over the world. If you visit the place, you will be treated to scenic views. It is popular because of its appeal. It has also been a subject of news for showing signs of volcanic activity. Learn more about Taal Volcano and know the latest updates. Read some old and current news about Taal Volcano.

JUNE 2010

ABS-CBN – Tourists banned as Taal volcano shakes

ABS-CBN – Taal Volcano alert raised to Level 2

ABS-CBN – Phivolcs: Lesser volcanic earthquakes in Taal

ABS-CBN – Taal Volcano crater off limits to tourists

ABS-CBN – TV reporter trapped at Taal volcano crater

ABS-CBN – Impending state of calamity declared in Batangas

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Areas near Taal volcano under state of impending calamity

GMA NEWS ONLINE – NDCC: DepEd Batangas moves classes away from Taal volcano

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Alert level 2 raised on Taal Volcano — Phivolcs

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Coast Guard warns against traveling to Taal volcano

GMA NEWS ONLINE – NDCC: 649 flee from restive Taal volcano


ABS-CBN – Phivolcs lowers Taal Volcano’s alert level

ABS-CBN – Phivolcs: Taal shows increased activity


GMA NEWS ONLINE – Phivolcs: Taal Volcano shows increased activity

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Phivolcs: 7 volcanic quakes recorded at Taal

APRIL 2011

ABS-CBN – Families start to flee Taal Volcano; but others opting to stay put

ABS-CBN – Some Taal residents refuse to leave homes

ABS-CBN – Talisay resorts suffering from cancellations

ABS-CBN – Taal unrest shoos vacation-goers

ABS-CBN – Gov Vi: Taal is safe amid alert status

ABS-CBN – Gov’t may resort to forcibly evacuating Taal residents

ABS-CBN – Taal evacuees reach 1,470

ABS-CBN – Alert level 2 still up over Taal volcano

ABS-CBN – Phivolcs: 19 earthquakes in Taal in last 24 hours

ABS-CBN – Fears of Taal eruption allayed

ABS-CBN – Taal water temperature rises

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Phivolcs: Volcanic quakes recorded at Taal, Bulusan; crater glow at Mayon

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Phivolcs warns of high carbon dioxide levels at Taal Volcano crater

PHILIPPINE STAR – Intensity 3 quake ‘with rumbling sounds’ felt near Taal Volcano

MAY 2011

ABS-CBN – Life pauses around rumbling Taal Volcano

ABS-CBN – Phivolcs keeps close eye on Taal

JULY 2011

ABS-CBN – Taal Volcano alert status lowered to Level 1

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Phivolcs eases Taal Volcano alert


PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – 7 quakes rock Taal Volcano


PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – ‘Cavite has money but Batangas has beauty’

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Eruption of ridicule greets Batangas signage plan

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Phivolcs: Batangas sign poses no risk

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – ‘Don’t overreact,’ Gov Vi asks critics

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ on Taal Volcano Island


PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Poor Batangas town also wants to lure Taal tourists

MARCH 2012

PHILIPPINE STAR – Villagers near Mayon, Taal, Bulusan volcanoes warned

JUNE 2012

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – DENR padlocks Korean-owned restaurant in Taal Lake


PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Mayon, Taal volcanoes on alert level 1


ABS-CBN – Alert level 1 up in Taal Volcano

APRIL 2013

ABS-CBN – Taal, Pinatubo featured in NatGeo Traveler

MAY 2013

ABS-CBN – Phivolcs: Sudden explosions common to active volcanoes

JUNE 2013

GMA NEWS ONLINE – Phivolcs: Seven volcanic quakes recorded at Taal, one at Mayon in last 24 hrs

PHILIPPINE STAR – Taal volcano nag-alboroto, 15 volcanic quakes, naitala

PHILIPPINE STAR – 2 volcanic earthquakes recorded around Taal volcano


PHILIPPINE STAR – ‘Don’t enter Taal permanent danger zone’


ABS-CBN – LOOK: Taal Volcano in Katy Perry’s music video

RAPPLER – 6 volcanic earthquakes recorded at Taal in 24 hours

APRIL 2014

PHILIPPINE STAR – Quakes recorded from Mayon, Taal; public warned

JULY 2014

ABS-CBN – 2 PH crater lakes included in Most Beautiful List

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Phivolcs denies raising Taal alert level


ABS-CBN – 7 volcanic quakes observed around Taal Volcano

GMA NEWS ONLINE – 5 volcanic quakes at Taal, 2 at Mayon in last 24 hours


PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – 5 volcanic quakes recorded at Taal Volcano in past 24 hours


RAPPLER – MAP: Active volcanoes in the Philippines

GMA NEWS ONLINE – 37 volcanic quakes felt at Taal but no reason for worry, scientists say

MAY 2015

RAPPLER – Taal 1754 eruption: Will history repeat itself?

RAPPLER – Part 1: When Taal Volcano erupted for 6 months

JUNE 2015

ABS-CBN – Taaleña: Serving all-time Filipino favorites in Tagaytay


ABS-CBN – LOOK: Sandara Park visits Taal Volcano

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – Bohol quake triggers a phenomenon: Land rising from bottom of the sea

MARCH 2016

ABS-CBN – WATCH: Stations of the cross near Taal Volcano crater

APRIL 2016

PHILIPPINE STAR – 6 summer destinations to visit in Tagaytay

PHILIPPINE STAR – Philippines tagged among best retirement places

MAY 2016

ABS-CBN – WATCH: Miss USA visits ‘stunning’ Taal Volcano

JUNE 2016

PHILIPPINE STAR – Taal Volcano alert lifted