Taal Volcano

Experience a unique adventure in Taal Volcano. Marvel at its unique form and beauty. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Southern Luzon. Travelers are lured by its grandeur. Visitors marvel at its scenic views. Hike towards the top of the crater and have your breath taken away. You will be treated to a sight of clear blue water and vibrant greens.

One of the ideal places to view Taal Volcano from afar is Tagaytay. It is a highland that has a cool ambiance. Much easier to reach than the summer capital, Baguio, this town will treat you to Taal’s panoramic view. It is also a popular destination in Cavite. Tagaytay is just 65 kilometers away from Manila. Its cold climate attracts tourists into visiting. Once you’ve reached the town, you will be embraced by the chilly wind. View Taal Volcano from Tagaytay and appreciate its splendor from afar.

The lake will offer you awe-inspiring scenery. You will also get to enjoy looking at lush vegetation. Soothing wind will caress your cheeks. Witness as the mountains reach up to the sky. Visit the place and feel like you’re in nature’s embrace. Be stranded between the clouds and the calm lake. Explore Taal – the island, lake and the crater and indulge in fun activities.


To reach Taal Lake, you will have to ride a boat. There would be times that the ride can get bumpy. Strong winds will sweep along the water. It creates big waves that will rock the boat. Enjoy this thrill while passing along local fishermen. You will be able to see the simple life of Taal folks. Once you reach the crater, you will have an easy and short trek. It will take you to the rim of the basin. Hike towards the top and be amazed at Taal Volcano’s true beauty. Take in the azure water and the natural rock formations.

Enjoy fun activities like swimming in Taal Lake. Take a dip in its refreshing water. You can indulge in other fun things to fully enjoy Taal Volcano. If you prefer, you can also try some water sports offered.


Taal Volcano can be found in Batangas. The southern part is under the rule of San Nicolas town. The other half falls under Talisay, which is the main access point. Visitors can take two routes to reach the town. You can choose either Tagaytay or Batangas as the starting point. Both of these towns will present you with Taal Volcano’s striking beauty.

When you reach the rim of the crater island, you will get to see Vulcan Point. It is a small rocky island on the surface of the crater lake. Its form is truly unique. It also earned the title of a Decade Volcano. This is the title given to volcanoes that needs to be monitored. It poses a great risk to the folks living in the area. It needs to be closely watched to prevent natural disasters. Taal Volcano is also the second most active volcano in the Philippines. It has a recorded 33 historical eruptions. But its dangerous appeal is also a reason to visit the place. Tourists will be able to watch volcanic activity up close. Aside from being an active volcano, its allure is also the great view that it offers.