Tourist Information Offices in Taal Volcano

There are a lot of tourist attractions in the country. Each one is protected by agencies and the local government. You will be able to find hidden gems in the Philippines. There are also popular destinations that tourists want to go to. Because of this, the industry of tourism is growing. You can take your pick from the variety of tourist spots that you can visit. People from all over the globe travel to the country just to visit Taal Volcano.

Taal Volcano is one of the most famous tourist spots. It has a unique form and it possesses great beauty. You will definitely enjoy the sight that will greet you. If you plan on visiting the destination, there are government agencies and offices that can address your inquiries. They can also take your complaints. Here’s a list of contact information of offices and agencies that you can reach.


The first stop that you will be going to once you reach the island is the Tourist Reception Center. It is at the foot of the crater. You will have to go to the center and pay an environmental fee of ₱50. For students and children aged 7 and below, the fee is only ₱30. They will be able to give you what you need. You can also inquire in here if you have concerns about Taal Volcano. Before you can climb to the crater, you need to register at the center. This is to make sure that they are logged in to the list of tourists who visit the area.

You can also rest in here. The center also works as a lounge for visitors. They are also willing to educate you about the history of Taal Volcano. You will enjoy as you learn about the stories of its legendary beauty.


One of the main bodies that work to protect Taal Volcano is the Municipal Tourism Office of Talisay. They are not only the access point to the island but they are also in charge of keeping it protected. There are a lot of tourists who visit the area, some are even from other parts of the world. This is why the local government exerts effort to keep it secure. You can contact the tourism office to raise questions and concerns. There are officers who can entertain your concern. They will also be able to provide you with assistance. It is located near the access point.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Genalyn M. Barba

Phone Number: (043) 773-0238 loc. 33

Cellphone Number: 0920-968-7164

Email Address:

Contact Person: Mr. Lito Ortilla – Municipal Tourism Officer

Phone Number: (043) 773-0238 / 773-0241

For more information, you can reach PHILVOCS or DENR. Get updates about the latest changes and status of Taal Volcano. The tourist spot is sometimes closed off from the public when there are changes in the volcano. If you want to make sure that you can visit Taal Volcano, you can reach PHILVOCS and DENR. Aside from these agencies, you can also contact Taal Lake Yacht Club and other resorts. There are operating businesses that can give you the information that you need.

Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology – Department of Science and Technology (PHILVOCS-DOST)

For educational tours, email PHILVOCS at:

Phone Number: +632 426 1468 to 79

Fax: +632 929 8366, 927 4524

Department of Environment and Natural Resources – City Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR – CENRO)

Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Palomar – Park Superintendent

Phone Number: (043) 772-0883 / 723-4084

Email Address :


Phone Number: +6343 773 019